Amazon Smiles

Hello Friends!

As you are aware, part of the Friends group’s mission is to advocate for our library by raising funds to help support the library’s programming and services.   We have another way you can help AND you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas and leave the comfort of your warm and toasty home to do it!  Just in time for cyber Monday we have joined the Amazon Smile program. has come up with this unique way to support not for profit organizations. If you already shop at Amazon you are well aware that it is no longer just for ordering books!  The process is simple instead of logging in to you log in to and once you’ve placed your order Amazon will donate .5% of your order to Friends of Grafton Midview Public library. Funds accrued will be transferred to the Friend’s bank account ever quarter.  Below is the link to use.

It’s just that simple!

Let’s make an even greater impact in our community and make every one smile by just using Amazon!!